Systems Design
  • We specialize in the "Agile" approach, providing users and other stakeholders periodic builds to refine and adapt systems to current needs
  • Systems design documentation: includes both data design and user manuals, specialized for the various stakeholders
  • Databases are the heart of business versatility, whether they're a humble desktop database or spreadsheet, or an industrial-strength powerhouse. We do their design, updating, and reporting for production personnel and business customers as our first consideration for any systems plan
Software development and Maintenance
  • Maintenance and modification of your existing custom software to reflect new business requirements
  • Got proprietary software? Improve the system flow by automating file transfers between your existing spreadsheet,  database, and office documents with the special input and output formats required 
  • Create, adapt and maintain your database platforms for internet and intranet data access and reporting
  • Custom software built to eliminate manual intervention in your system flow
  • Make your stakeholders happy: User Interfaces tailored for office and Web applications needs
Training and Instruction
  • Our staff has taught Computer Science and related fields for many years on the college level, and has given seminars and specialized instruction for industry, businesses, and the general public.
  • We tailor our presentations to the type of audience, whether they be specialists or laymen wishing to expand their understanding of new or existing systems.

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