We specialize in Microsoft applications on the Web and on the desktop.
...but we don't limit ourselves. When other sources have some really good software that we find useful, or customers are fond of proprietary platforms for some of their workflow, we figure that "anything goes" to get the job done.

For our in-house development, we currently use these tools:

  • Server Platforms: Microsoft Server 2008 R2
  • Desktop Operating Systems: Windows 7 & 8, legacy XP (Safe, if you're operating in virtual PC mode)

  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, Oracle 9, Microsoft Access

  • .NET: under IIS7

  • .NET development platform: VisualStudio 2010
  • Current Development Languages: C#, VB, Javascript, VBScript for Office Suite Applications. Oh, and HTML and C++ and a bunch of imaginative, moribund, or legacy languages which nobody really wants to use but must be maintained for historical (budget) reasons.


  • Graphics and Publishing: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

  • Other platforms: We probably will post them as soon as we remember what they are.

  • Department of Weird Files: In the saga of data processing, there sometimes arises a need for specialized input, or custom output, or something 'way out of left field demanded by proprietary or legacy software. Call us.

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