Our People The Studios was founded in 1992 by a rowdy gang of programmers with a common approach to systems development. The original group came from educational backgrounds in engineering and science, and were subsequently corrupted by a consuming interest in computer technology.
Our continuing passions are software development, a firm commitment to keeping our customers up to date with their projects, and a compulsive desire to keep within time and budget. 
All new employees are required to sign an agreement stating that they will, to the best of their ability, never act their age. Unless everyone is upset about something. Then you have to look mature, sympathetic, and a bit mournful.

Our Location Our corporate office is located in Schoharie County, one of the most beautiful regions of New York State. It is a short distance from the Capital District, an easy drive to our customers' offices in Albany, Schenectady, Oneonta, Amsterdam, Clifton Park, and environs.
When we work at the home office, we are assured of a surprisingly remote forest location, yet within a short drive to civilization. The only drawback to this location is the occasional appearance of Black Bears attacking the garbage. Then again, it's cheap rent.
Diversions Creative software developers often lead secret lives where pent-up energies find an outlet in outlandish avocations. Here are revealed some of the extracurricular peculiarities the staff has committed.
Some of this stuff was on our old website, but the first version of the new website left them out. But popular demand (thanks, Mom!) made us put them back in their original format,  warts and all.

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